It’s Vegan! That’s great! What’s that?


It’s Vegan! Our number one question from consumers trying our products for the first time is “it’s vegan, but does it have eggs?” While we taste like mom’s homemade, we are a Certified Vegan snack cake and baked from 100% plant-based ingredients. To be Certified Vegan our snack cakes meet the following requirements:

~ Contain no animal products or by-products (Meat, Dairy, Milk, Eggs)
~ Testing of equipment to ensure it’s free of animal products and by-products
~ No animal testing of our product or the ingredients that go in to it.

The Piping Gourmets snack cakes are certified Vegan without sacrificing any flavor or texture. We do not use eggs, milk or butter,
yet our frosting is smooth and creamy and our cakes are moist and delicious.

The Piping Gourmets are proud to carry the Vegan Certification on all snack cake varieties.

Check out these sites for more information on vegan diets!



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