Top 5 Things to Do With Your Whoopie Pie!

You have your Gluten Free Whoopie Pies in hand… now what? Here are our top 5 ideas!

♥ It’s a cake sandwich, EAT IT – DON’T sit on it!

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♥ Share it/hoard it, you choose. Best to use it as a tool… for making friends!

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♥ Decorate it! Edge it in sprinkles, chocolate chips or sanded sugar; make it your favorite animal, smiley face or emoji!


♥ Put Wedding Bells on it. Dress up as tuxedos, put white royal icing and edible pearls on it, or use as party favors and wrap in organza bags with ribbon.


♥ Make it a dessert party Hors d’oeuvre! Slice in quarters and serve with fresh fruit.

Go Dairy Free Review

Reality shows that we all love dessert, especially my mother…  We as a human race are not going to give up eating our beloved snack cake with delicious frosting.  As a new generation of dessert lovers are here to stay, they are requiring new rules to healthier indulgences. They are saying- make it with clean ingredients, but make it taste great.  Leave out the trans fats and hydrogenated oil.  Package my dessert in a single serving please…. I do not want to slice and re-wrap left overs, I want to grab it and go.  Make it something fun and yummy that my whole family will eat…. my gluten free son, my dairy free husband and my gluten & dairy free daughter, my best friend’s peanut free son and my vegan best friend.

Most importantly, keep The Piping Gourmets Whoopie Pies on hand in your freezer for the unexpected guest or your favorite dessert lover! One of the two are bound to show up soon!