Summertime – “Bermuda, Bahamas come on pretty Mama…”

I distinctively remember my countdown to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Every teen movie reflected my reaction on that last dismissal bell ring.

At the start of each summer, I worked on perfecting my summer music play list. Looking back, there was always that one song that marked the summer. Why is it that we could tolerate hearing it play over and over again without annoyance?

Every summer has its own unique memories: vacations taken, family moments, parties, you know the rest. But for many of my earlier years, summer music defined the best of those memories.

I must admit music has taken a backseat to my kids when it comes to marking those outstanding memorable moments, but those songs are still the background to my summers and the the memories that come each year.

As we enter August, I will cherish these weeks, play my Billy Joel and add tracks to this summer’s playlist: my daughter’s college graduation, my son going off to work in a suit and tie and our family picnic in Arlington National Park.