Mango Madness!

Sticky sweet juices dripping off my wrists while I strive to get every last bit of fruit off of the large pit. That is the first image that comes to mind when I think of that soft tropical fruit: The Mango!

Yes indeed, it’s mango season here in Miami! People all over the city can be found picking, selling, and enjoying these sweet treats. The citizens of Miami love mangoes like a fish loves water. You would be hard pressed to walk into a local grocery store and NOT find something mango flavored. Cakes, candies, pastries, sodas, even sandwiches are laden with them!

As a non-native to Miami I often find things in this city to be overwhelming. From the bustling downtown area to the sheer size of the city itself, it can be a lot to take in at times. But while I may hide in my house during Calle Ocho (praying someone doesn’t park behind me), and curse the traffic caused by Art Basel and Miami Heat games alike, this is one Miami tradition that I can get behind.

With how much I love mangoes it’s not a surprise that I put them on everything! Let me tell you, ripe mango + Classic Vanilla Gluten Free Whoopie Pies (The Piping Gourmets of course) = flipping amazing dessert for these hot summer days! Perfect poolside with your mango lemonade and mango scented suntan lotion!

Mango Recipe Card