New, New, New Back to School List

Backpacks, lunch boxes, sneakers, uniforms, binders, folders, haircuts, oh the list went on and on. 

The shopping days were exhausting leading up to the first day of school, and the lines this year were not any shorter (not even for my cafe con leche to keep me going).

The stress of getting the family back into routine for the school year is mind boggling.

  • Getting them up… first challenge.
  • Getting them there on time… second challenge.
  • Finding one of your child’s friends before bell… CRUCIAL.

NEW classroom, NEW teacher, NEW school , it can be overwhelming for both the parents and the kids.

Deep breath, bell rings, you go back to your car, and then it hits you… PICK UP.

In my experience, the first day of pick up treats were a big deal. It set the tone for not only success in hearing with a smile about how their day went, but also having that bonding moment. Will you bring these tomorrow Mom meant I did good.

I was in Wellington at a Whole Foods Market back to school event over the weekend. I got to meet many kids who had many different allegories and whose parents were desperate to find lunch box treats.

One Mom, who’s child was not able to have wheat, dairy, or soy read our box and got so emotional. She allowed her son to try a sample. He devoured not one but three. Chocolate Vanilla was his first taste. “Do you like them?” she kept asking. He smiled and asked me for another, and Chocolate Raspberry ended up his favorite. He then, to my surprise and pleasure, asked his Mom if she could bring these Whoopie Pies tomorrow when she picked him up from school.