Hats off to you, Dad!

Fishing trips in the summer, Baseball games in the spring, a constant open ear and voice of reason…. Personally, I think that Father’s Day should be every day.


Being a woman owned business can be difficult when playing with the big boys in the food industry. Many times it would be easy to let the challenges and adversity overwhelm us, but our fathers taught us to be stronger than that.


My own father’s soft-spoken number one goal for me was to be independent. I have applied his lessons to every aspect of my life, in raising my own children (two young adults and one teenager), as well as co-owning a growing business. Balancing work + family life + independence is not always easy I have to admit, but it is a goal that I strive for every day. Luckily, my father’s frequent letters, emails, phone calls, and family meals help to keep me on track.


It is this independent spirit that has led me to be an innovator in the food industry; always seeking to find what hasn’t been done.


I am blessed to have known my friend/business partner’s father. A feisty businessman with sage advice, he influenced Carolyn and myself. His philosophy of just keep working helped to inspire her to always keep her head held high no matter what. While his love of archeology was clear in his desire to always learn from the successes of the past. These foundations have made her into the strong, compassionate business woman she is today, though she often wishes he were still here to offer his unique advice.


It is with years of love and guidance from our dads that have helped Carolyn and I become the women, moms, and business partners we are today with The Piping Gourmets. In honor of our Dads we would like to raise our hats, and our Whoopie Pies, to you both and say THANK YOU for making us the independent, persevering women we are today. 

With all our love, 

Leslie & Carolyn