A Tribute to Moms!

Thank you to our fans, our retailers and our MOMS!

Whoopie! It’s the sound of joyfulness. When something comes along that makes you shout “whoopie,” it’s typically not the sort of thing you’d like to quickly forget.

Our Whoopie Pies are intended to facilitate these small, nostalgic moments. They arouse that memory of Mom picking us up from school with that special treat, or eating Grandma’s specialty sweets right out of the oven.

We all know someone with allergies that can take away from these moments. It makes those simple classroom birthday parties stressful and unpleasant. Our hope and goal is to change a child’s, parent’s or friend’s experience into a happier, better memory. With the option of┬ásimple, clean and scrumptious desserts, maybe more people will walk around smiling.

On Mother’s Day, I reflect on when I was a kid and searched for a gift for my Mom, one that reflected my appreciation and love. After years of trial, I can now confidently suggest the following:

On her counter or on a tray, place a handwritten note (preferably with a drawing included, regardless of your age!), her favorite color napkin cut into a heart and one Whoopie Pie.

I guarantee it gets a smile.

Another special way to spend the day:

Every Mother’s Day, an aunt of mine would stop in at a home for the elderly. For one hour, she would visit with the women and give out small token gifts, like a cookie or flower. Many had children too far to visit and some had no children at all, but everyone appreciated her kindness.

The joy and love cost so little financially and forged so many smiles.

I will be doing the same this Mother’s Day. I, of course, will be bringing Whoopie Pies by The Piping Gourmets. If I get one, just one “whoopie!” and a smile, I’ll have done the job well.